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7878By Malcolm Moss, President of ADCAS.

Once again it falls on me to provide our readers with an update, and it is still difficult to be positive when little has changed in the Construction Sector since my input last year. 2013 continued where 2012 left off and although, as we approach the year end, there are signs of the market improving, 2014 will still be difficult for the majority of Members.

Customers continue to drive prices down and whilst in theory quality should play a role it is clear throughout the supply chain that price is the driver and those who refuse to play the game do not pick up the work!

We as an association will continue to do our utmost to raise the profile of the Ductwork Industry and have it truly recognised as an integral part of the construction industry and eliminate the “tin basher” reputation we continue to battle against once and for all.

It continues to frustrate when despite the difficulties in the market a large part of the membership remains anonymous and does not take an active part in the Association. Without that input the Executive will continue to do what it believes to be right but we may not be tackling the matters most important to the Members and I encourage all members to make their feelings known and give feedback so we can ensure we satisfy the memberships key issues.

The importance of such feedback and ADCAS responding accordingly clearly being demonstrated by the Round Table hosted by the H&V News in November 2013, where senior personnel from a number of ADCAS Member Companies met with key bodies within the Construction market, including the NSCC ( National Specialist Contractors Council ) to discuss payment terms and the flow of cash throughout the supply chain. Sponsored by ADCAS this event to highlight the effect of payment delays on our Members came as a direct result of a request from within the membership and may ultimately lead to an improvement in payments to our Members.

As an Executive we continue to recognise the need to encourage membership of ADCAS and are pleased once again to announce membership fees are frozen for a further year.
ADCAS continue to do what we can to influence European legislation with representation on both BSI and CEN committees dealing with Ventilation and Ductwork and we see this as crucial to avoiding surprises and wherever possible influencing future legislation which may affect our members and the wider Ductwork Industry in general.

ADCAS continued membership of the NSCC (National Specialist Contractors Council) will become even more important in the future. Their work on common issues across the Construction market including 30 day payment for subcontractors for Government Projects will benefit our Members directly. Recently they have been involved in the Government’s 2025 Strategy for Construction, this lead to the selection by Vince Cable MP the Business Secretary of NSCC President Kevin Louch to join the Construction Leadership Council which will be directly responsible for the Strategy’s implementation. This active involvement will put NSCC member associations in a strong position to influence and understand the major changes which are likely to occur within the Construction market in the years ahead. In addition I would once again encourage every Member to spare the time to visit their website www.nscc.org.uk. They are working on a range of helpful projects and you will also see the many additional benefits and services you can take advantage of by ADCAS being a member.

ADCAS collaboration with the B&ES Ductwork Group continued in 2013 with the Bi Annual Event held at the Armourers & Braziers Hall in London. A conference entitled “Ductwork – a 360 degree view” brought together industry leaders to be briefed on Building Information Modelling (BIM), Part L of Building Regulations and the Construction Products Regulations (CPR), all of which are subjects which directly affect our members and the Industry in general. Of particular interest was the discussions on Part L where, as a direct result of analysis undertaken by ADCAS, long standing anomalies in relation to ductwork testing were resolved and Part L revised accordingly.

As part of the close relationship with B&ES Ductwork Group ADCAS have also been able to feedback comments on the new version of DW144 to be launched in 2014 with the opportunity given to all members to provide input.

Whilst as an association we still continue to promote the need to invest in training, it falls on deaf ears and without doubt will impact on our industry in the years to come. We must, as an association, work harder to try to encourage appropriate training across the ductwork sector in the years to come.

We will continue through the Associates’ Committee to seek to improve standards, with an increasing focus on eliminating “sub standard” products. With the changes in DW144 it is essential for our members that we continue to monitor and feedback the opportunities and threats that come from harmonising standards across Europe.

We launched the ADCAS Newsletter in 2013 allowing us to update the membership on key projects we had been involved with, on the key benefits of membership, and also pass on more general information which we believe would be useful to our members. It is also the ideal forum for members to feedback issues and information that you feel could be useful to fellow members. This can be done by an email to carolines@feta.co.uk, and will then be included in the next issue.

To further increase its presence in the Industry, ADCAS is to launch its own website, which will be in place by Spring 2014. This will supported by the appointment of a new PR Company to increase the industry understanding of the benefits ADCAS Members can bring to the Construction market.
Going forward, the need to be an independent voice for Ductwork Contractors will be increasingly important and we will continue to do so whilst trying to do our utmost to support our members with bottom-line, tangible benefits of membership.


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