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Low air velocities in ventilation systems help save energy, but they present a challenge when it comes to obtaining accurate measurements.  Moreover, the ventilation industry is constantly facing new requirements for optimisation and lower operating costs, which can be hard to meet when flow measurements are imprecise.

When it comes to ventilation, the focus is always on optimising the air flow and making it more efficient. This is where a reliable and precise measuring system is crucial. Lindab develops, manufactures and sells products for the ventilation industry. The company is now launching a unique technique for measuring air flow and temperature in ventilation systems.

 Lindab has developed UltraLink, a measuring system based on ultrasound technology. Ultrasound in itself is nothing new, but it has not been used for measurements in ventilation systems until now.

“We are working hard on research and development so that we can offer our customers products that are equal to the requirements and challenges of the future. This requires us to think outside the box, to wave goodbye to customary ways of doing things and old habits, and instead to attack problems from a new angle. This is part of the ‘Good Thinking’ philosophy, an approach the entire Lindab Group has adopted,” says Niels Mulvad, Product Manager for Indoor Climate Solutions at Lindab.

Using ultrasound to measure air flow in ventilation systems solves the issues that can arise with conventional measuring systems. Conventional measuring system units are placed inside the duct. They affect the air flow and attract dust and dirt, which leads to a drop in pressure and imprecise measurements. In practice, compensation for the pressure drop is managed through the over-dimensioning of ventilation systems, which is costly from both economic and environmental perspectives.

UltraLink measures air flows and temperature in ventilation systems via sensors in the duct wall, which results in very precise measurements with +/- 5% accuracy all the way down to 0.5 metres per second.

 UltraLink is available in two versions. ‘Monitor’ has an integrated display unit, while the ‘Sensor’ version can be connected to a separate display. ‘Monitor’ with its integrated display can also communicate with a superordinate building management system.

Not only does this allow self-diagnosis of the ventilation system, but it also makes it easy to present the obtained readings. Ultimately this offers significant benefits across the whole chain, from the users and the owner of a building to the installer and maintenance staff.

Accurate readings, combined with simpler management and minimal cleaning requirements, all contribute towards ensuring efficiency throughout the entire service life of the system.

For more information please visit: www.lindab.co.uk



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