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ADCAS has broadly welcomed the introduction of the government’s long overdue Construction Sector Deal – an ambitious £420 million partnership between government and industry that hopes to transform the construction sector through the use of innovative technologies.

The so called ‘bytes and mortar’ revolution outlined by the government will look to leverage digital design and offsite manufacturing in order to increase productivity and improve quality and safety within the built environment.

It is hoped that this shift will reduce new build delivery times by 50 per cent, allowing for more affordable buildings that fall in line with the Industrial Strategy mission to halve the energy use of new builds by 2030.

Crucially, part of this vision includes a promise of £34 million for training and an increase in the number of apprenticeship starts to 25,000 by 2020. An aging workforce (one third of the industry’s three million workers are over the age of 50) and a national skills shortfall continue to pose problems and without significant investment in training any such move to modernise and develop the industry would almost certainly come up short.

ADCAS has previously voiced its own concerns surrounding the lack of new people entering the ductwork industry and despite the introduction of the Trailblazer apprenticeship scheme for ductwork, the necessary structure is currently not in place to deliver it. As well as increased funds for training and better incentives for smaller companies, ADCAS believes that more attention should be focused on improving the image and perceived value of the industry.

This latest initiative was put in place following the 2016 publication of the Farmer Review which highlighted major productivity shortfalls in UK construction and called on the industry to ‘modernise or die’. Subsequent events such as the collapse of Carillion have further highlighted the desperate need to modernise the procurement process, overhaul the supply chain to improve collaboration across the board and streamline construction methods.

Malcolm Moss, President of ADCAS, comments: “The construction sector is currently facing a number of significant dilemmas, not least how to develop a more sustainable business model, deliver on quality and performance both during the construction and operation of the building, achieve fairer payment practices and upskill the workforce.

“We have yet to see how Brexit will impact upon the industry, but we must have a clear plan in place to ensure that UK construction is moving forwards and is fully focused on meeting current and future challenges. We welcome the introduction of this scheme and the acknowledgement that the current business model is unsustainable and requires major reform.”

Funding for the deal will be split, with £250 million coming from construction firms and the government adding £170 million.



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