Hotchkiss Air Supply

Hotchkiss Air Supply is one of the leading providers of Ventilation and Air Movement Products for the Construction market and in particular the Ductwork and Air Conditioning sectors.
With eight branches throughout the UK augmented by specialist supply partners and £1,000,000 worth of stock we offer value and quality whilst working closely with our customers and Hotchkiss Group members we understand the level of service required to meet the increasing demands of the Construction Market and Contracting in particular.

Our modern production facility in the Midlands has the necessary skills and equipment to supply Flat-Oval, Circular, Rectangular and Colour Duct 11 ductwork direct to the customer while extensive warehousing at the branches stock a wide range of products including Circular Duct and Fittings, Flexible Duct, Air Movement and Air Terminal Products, Attenuators, Filters, Dampers, Support Products, Flange Systems and a wide range of Accessories.

Contact Details

Philip Johnson 01902 895161
George Latimer 01902 895161
Peter Slater 01902 895161
Address Heath Mill Road, Wombourne, Wolverhampton, WV5 8AP